Antifungal Medication also known as an antimycotic medication. is a pharmaceutical fungicide or fungistatic used to treat and prevent mycosis such as athlete’s foot, ringworm, candidiasis (thrush), serious systemic infections such as cryptococcal meningitis, and others. OTC topical antifungal agents, including butenafine hydrochloride, clotrimazole, miconazole nitrate. Antifungal Medication, Best Antifungal Cream

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Texifen Cream (Terbinafine 1%)

What is Texifen 1% Cream for: Texifen 1% medication is an antifungal agent, prescribed for jock itch, athletes foot and

Luliford Cream 30gm (Luliconazole 1%)

INTRODUCTION Luliford Cream is an antifungal medicine used to treat fungal infections of the skin such as athlete’s foot, Dhobie

Castor NF Cream (Terbinafine/Clobetasol 0.05%/ Ofloxacin/Ornidazole 2%)

Castor NF Cream Castor NF Cream is primarily used to treat skin infection or dermatological infections. It is also used

Itrostred 100 Capsule (Itraconazole 100mg)

INTRODUCTION ITROSTRED 100 MG contains itraconazole which belongs to a group of medicines called antifungals. It used for infections caused

Surfaz-SN Cream (Beclometasone 0.025%/Neomycin 3500u/1g/Clotrimazole 1%)

Medical Description Surfaz-SN cream is a combination of beclomethasone, clotrimazole and neomycin. It is used to treat various skin conditions

Surfaz Cream (Clotrimazole 1%)

INTRODUCTION SURFAZ contains clotrimazole which belongs to the group of medicines called azole antifungal agents. It is used to treat

Proctosedyl BD Cream (Phenylephrine/Beclometasone 0.025%/ Lidocaine 2.50%)

Proctosedyl BD Cream Proctosedyl  Cream is a combination of three medicines: Phenylephrine, Beclometasone and Lidocaine/Lignocaine, which treats piles. Phenylephrine is

Itrason 200 Capsule (Itraconazole 200mg)

Itrason 200 Capsule Itrason 200 mg Capsule is mainly used to treat fungal infections. It belongs to the drug group

Terbison Cream (Terbinafine 1%)

Medical Description Terbison Cream is an external application medicine with Terbinafine as the active ingredient. It prevents the spread of

Llcol Cream (Luliconazole 1%)

Llcol Cream Llcol Cream is used for Fungal infections and other conditions. Llcol Cream may also be used for purposes

Czson NB Cream (Beclometasone 0.025% / Neomycin 0.5% /Clotrimazole 1%)

About Czson NB Cream Czson NB Cream 15 gm is a combination of medicine primarily used to treat various fungal

Czson 1% Dusting Powder (Clotrimazole 1%)

Czson 1% Dusting Powder Czson Dusting Powder is used for Treatment of athlete’s foot, Treatment of jock itch, Treatment of