About Our Company

About Us

365chemists is a far greater than simply a normal wellness shop!!! We’re among the primary pharmacies online for distributing generic medications and OTC health care items since 2016, and today we will expand our community across the world to offer superior products and service to the customers.

While you’re visiting our online pharmacy or purchase from us, you’ll find out exactly what other medicines can be found, nearly every popular medication can be found in a fantastic savings for you. You don’t ever need to compromise the quality or reliability in our very best Online Pharmacy. Our specialist staff is headed up with a top-rated Indian pharmacist, offering just the very best value in generic brands and drugs. That is exactly what why our present customers yield, again and again. We perform for our clients and enjoy doing this!! Every one of the goods which are accessible through our site is generated with the very best raw materials and the best care at world class pharmaceutical production plants in India. Nearly all the drugs found on 365chemists -Best Online Pharmacy demand a prescription by a licensed doctor, and a copy must be scanned or faxed into our firm to allow us to process the purchase prescription medication orders placed.

Are You Really A Legitimate Company ? How Could I Be Sure ?

365chemists.com is in business since 2016, our mission is to enforce consumer safety and confidence when they purchase their medications online. We subscribe to the services of both McAfee Secure and GoDaddy, which are the industry gold-standards for all leading e-commerce sites. These services continuously monitor our site for any potential vulnerability. These vulnerabilities are reported to us and are immediately resolved by our team of IT specialists.

In addition, you will notice that all the pages which accept personal information are secure (SSL Certificate by GoDaddy) pages. A secure page means that the information transmitted through such pages is encrypted before transmission over the internet. You can thus try our service in confidence that you will always get what you pay for or your money back, guaranteed. We invite you to do your own due diligence on our company and suggest you start with our client testimonials or a search on the internet. Almost 50% of our new customers come from referrals of existing customers, try us once and you will see why we are the best online pharmacy.

How Do I Send A Copy Of My Prescription Before Buying If Prescription Needed ?

Well, every product has its own drying time. And its quite risky to paint during the rainy season. If in case, you go ahead with the painting and it rains heavily, not allowing enough time for the paint to dry , you might have to face problems. Hence, we recommend you to observe the weather condition and then go ahead with painting.

Can You Guarantee Confidentiality About My Purchases From Your Site ?

At 365chemists, The Security And Privacy Of Our Clients Means A Lot To Us. That is Why We’ve Made Sure Everything You Submit Our 365chemists Company Site Is sifting through SSL Encrypted & Secured using Sucuri Services. This Essentially Way That All User Info On Our Website Is Encrypted Before Becoming Transmitted Inside Our Network. Which May Be Obtained By Just a Couple of Key Staff as Well as Your Pharmacy Catering To Your Purchase. The Way To Any Party That’s Not Anyhow Related To Your Order Fulfilment Procedure.

How Do I Contact Your Organization In Order To Discuss Potential Business Opportunities ?

All General Business Inquiries Are To Be Forwarded By Email Into Our Business Development Manager At support@365chemists.com. Please Be Aware Of Contain Honest Contact Info Alongside A Detailed Proposal On The Way You Intend to Do Business With Our Company. This Is To Ensure That We Could Promptly Redirect Your Inquiry/Proposal On The Ideal Individual/Department.

Questions Related To Payment

What's the CVV Number You Require For On Your Subscribe Page ? Where Can I Locate It ?

CVV Is An Anti-Fraud Security Feature To Help Verify That You Are In Possession Of Your Credit Card. For Visa/MasterCard, The Three-Digit CVV Number Is Printed On The Signature Panel On The Back Of The Card Immediately After The Card’s Account Number. The Four-Digit CVV Number Is Printed On The Front Of The Card Above The Card Account Number.

However, If For Some Unfathomable Reason You Are Unable To Find The Product(S) That You Want To Order, Just Shoot Us An Email At: support@365chemists.com . Just Remember – With 365chemists, You Can Stay Worry-Free When It Comes To The Apprehensions Felt By The Average Customer While Ordering Online. For Further Satisfaction, Please Have A Look At Some Of Our Customer Testimonials Section.

What is Your Credit Card Description Within My Credit Card Statement ?

Ensure Our Charge Appear On Your Card Statements As Per Our Info In Mail, Thus, During Your Own Credit Card Statement, Ensure Its From 365chemists.

Please, Note The Information Is Submitted Via SSL Secured, Encrypted Page And That There’s Absolutely No Chance Of Fraud.

Should I Send In A Check Or Money Order How Long Will It Can Take For You To Obtain It And Procedure My Order ?

Should I Send In A Check Or Money Order How Long Will It Can Take For You To Obtain It And Procedure My Order ?

What Payment Methods Can Your Business Accept ?

We Accepts payment through Paypal and Stripe payment gateway, so you can use your Master card, Visa card,etc. we are also accepting CryptoCurrency so dont hesitate to purchase by it

Questions Related To Order

How long does it take to ship the drugs to my home or office ?

Please allow up to two to three weeks for delivery. In some rare cases, the shipment may takes 20-25 days to deliver.

Can I buy more than a three month supply at a time ?

Yes and no. It depends on the medications that are being purchased online, their size, the destination country, and the stock situation at the point of purchase. In the majority of cases ordering a three, six, or even a nine month supply of medications will not pose a problem, but the pharmacy reserves the right to request additional shipping charges if the order is too large to be covered by their typical shipping fee, and as some countries limit a maximum import of three months’ supply at a time, the pharmacy may have to split the package into separate shipments to meet this regulation. In this event, we will contact you to confirm before the order is dispatched.

Can I request specific expiration dates for the medications I order ?

All medications shipped out by the pharmacy have a minimum of six months expiry date from the time they are shipped. If you require a longer expiry then feel free to Contact Us and we will do our best to assist you with your requirements

Why your prices so low ?

Please note that the product costs are based on their actual cost and our per unit cost is not highly inflated as is the case with other online pharmacies.

Are the products mailed to me the same as what I get at my local pharmacy ?

Yes and No. We deals in generic products and the product contains exactly the same active ingredient as their branded drug. You will get exactly the same product but the only difference is the name of the manufacturer.

If I don't see my prescription medication on your price list, does that mean your company doesn't carry it ?

There are literally 1000’s of medications available on the market and not all are listed on 365chemists.com. We do however list the most common medications and our partner pharmacies are frequently updating our website with what they are able to offer for sale. Please note: many times we list an online medication for sale but a customer does not know how to spell the medication name correctly and as a result, 365chemists.com’s ‘prescription drugs’ search engine may indicate that we don’t carry it. When searching for an incorrect medication name, you will receive misleading results, so if you can’t locate what you are looking for then please contact us and we will assist you in your search. In the event a medication is not listed we can also try to arrange the same if it not a controlled drug.

If you still can’t find a particular medication online then be sure to fill out our medication request form so we can contact you when it becomes available.

Please note, we do not and will not sell any controlled substances.

How do I place an order for multiple people living at the same household ?

To save on shipping and processing, 365chemists is more than happy to send multiple prescription medications to a single household address, even if the medications belong to different people. For example, a husband and wife could order both their medications at once and only pay the shipping and processing fee once.

The ordering process is the same whether you order for one person or many. You simply search for all the online medications you would like to order, follow the sign up instructions, and then fill out the address you would like them sent too. Remember, we are here to save you money any way we can!.

What is your return policy?

If for some reason, your order does not show up or is damaged in transit, we will ship you another package or issue you a full refund as per your request. If however, you received a partial order, we will issue you a full refund, and then charge your Credit Card again for the remaining balance (so you are fully refunded, and then charged only for the product (s) you received).

We will ask you to first allow 30 business days from the day the order was shipped. If after those 30 days, you have not received the package, or if you received any notification that your package was on hold or returned to sender, please send us a ticket (Refund Section) and we will take care of your request promptly.

I wish my package to be sent discretely, can you arrange this ?

All packages are already sent discretely to protect your privacy. We do ship the consignments in small bubble envelopes or card boxes.

What do I do if one of my products in my order is back-ordered ?

If any of your online medications are back ordered, you will be notified by our customer support center of the delay and the expected time the product will arrive in stock to the pharmacy. Please note that if the brand ordered by you is not available we will switch the brand to another reputed pharmacy brand. For example, if you order brand name Atorlip (manufactured by Cipla) we will only send you the same product manufactured by another leading pharma company.

In the event of any order change whereby the sale price differs, we will never charge you extra without your explicit consent. In most cases, if a product is not in stock where you ordered it from and is in stock somewhere else at a more expensive price, we will change the product and take the loss. It is only in special circumstances where we may need to charge you more and will always call you to confirm before doing so.

I want to change my order after placing it, how can I do this ?

This is only possible if you contact us within 24 working hours. If the order has been sent to the physician or pharmacy it will not be possible to make any changes. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience.

I want a copy of my receipt for a particular order, how can I get this mailed to me ?

This can be done by logging into your account and then going to “My Order”. Now you have the option to VIEW order details, click on view order. You can take the print our of the order by clicking on Print order or you can download the PDF file.

Will my insurance company reimburse me for the online medication I order through your company ?

Accordion ContentThis is best checked with your insurance company prior to placing your order. We will provide you with a legal invoice to submit to the insurance company and they are welcome to contact us to check on certain details. It is important to note however that we will never release personal information about you or your order history without your prior consent, so you must tell us in advance before you submit your details so that we can place a note on your account that verification with XYZ insurance company will be allowed, otherwise the only information we will release to a third party will be our company information for their records.