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Tresiba 100 Units/ml Penfill (Insulin Degludec 100IU/ml)

About Tresiba 100U/ ml Penfil Injection 3 ml Tresiba 100 U/ ml Penfil Injection 3 ml belongs to a group

Taceedo 120 Injection (Docetaxel 120mg)

MEDICAL DESCRIPTION OF TACEEDO 120 INJECTION   Taceedo 120mg Injection contains Docetaxel 120 used to treat breast cancer, non-small cell

Zupaxel 300mg Injection (Paclitaxel 300mg)

Zupaxel 300mg Injection Zupaxel 300mg Injection is an anticancer medicine, used in chemotherapy to treat a number of cancers. Primarily

Zoladex 10.8mg Injection (Goserelin acetate 10.8mg)

Zoladex 10.8mg Injection Zoladex 10.8mg Injection is an anticancer drug used in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. It is

Velpanat Tablet (Sofosbuvir 400mg/Velpatasvir 100mg)

Medical Description Velpanat 400/100 Tablet is a combination of Sofosbuvir and Velpatasvir. It is used to treat chronic (long term)

Sovihep V Tablet (Sofosbuvir 400mg/Velpatasvir 100mg)

MEDICAL DESCRIPTION OF SOVIHEP V TABLET   Sovihep V tablet contains Sofosbuvir 400mg and Velpatasvir 100mg. Sovihep V (Sofosbuvir (400mg)

Sovihep 400mg Tablet (Sofosbuvir 400mg)

MEDICAL DESCRIPTION OF SOVIHEP 400 MG TABLET   Sovihep tablet contains Sofosbuvir 400 mg. Sovihep tablet is an anti-viral medicine.

Olumiant 4mg Tablet (Baricitinib 4mg)

Olumiant 4mg Tablet Olumiant 4mg Tablet is a Janus kinase inhibitor used to treat moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. It

Octride Depot 30mg Injection (Octreotide acetate 30mg)

Octride Depot 30 MG Octride Depot Powder For Injection contains octreotide as the active substance. Octreotide is derived from somatostatin.

Mabura 40mg Injection (Adalimumab 40mg)

Mabura 40mg Injection Mabura 40mg Injection is used for Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, Moderate

Luprodex 22.5mg Injection (Leuprolide 22.5mg)

Luprodex 22.5mg Luprodex 22.5mg Powder For Injection contains Leuprorelin (also called leuprolide) as its active ingredient. It is used to

Ledifos 90mg/400mg Tablet (Ledipasvir 90/Sofosbuvir 400)

Ledifos 90mg-400mg Tablet Ledifos 90mg-400mg Tablet helps in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C (HCV). This drug is used in