Lumet 80 Tablet (Artemether 80mg/ Lumefantrine 480mg)

About Lumet 80 mg Tablet 6’s Lumet 80 mg Tablet 6’s belongs to the class of ‘anti-malarial drugs’, primarily used

Combither AT 60mg Injection (Artesunate 60mg)

Combither AT 60mg Injection Combither At 60 MG Injection very effective in the treatment of severe malaria caused by Plasmodium

Combither Forte Tablet (Artemether 80mg/Lumefantrine 480mg)

Combither Forte 80mg/480mg Tablet Combither Forte 80mg/480mg tablet is a combination of artemether and lumefantrine, an anti-malarial medicine. Combither Tablet

Hqtor 400 Tablet (hydroxychloroquine 400mg)

Hqtor 400 Tablet Hqtor Tablet is used for the treatment of autoimmune disorders such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and

Hqtor 200 mg (Hydroxychloroquine 200mg)

Hqtor 200 mg Hqtor 200 mg Tablet is an antimalarial medication. It is used to treat or prevent malaria (an

Malirid DS 15 mg Tablet (Chloroquine primaquine 15mg)

Malirid DS 15 mg Tablet Malirid DS 15 mg tablet is an antimalarial medicine containing Primaquine as its active ingredient.

Malirid 7.5 mg Tablet (Primaquine 7.5mg)

Malirid 7.5 mg Tablet Malirid 7.5Mg Tablet is used to prevent the occurrence of malaria caused by mosquito bites. Being

Malirid 2.5mg Tablet (Primaquine 2.5mg)

Malirid 2.5mg Tablet Malirid 2.5mg Tablet is an antimalarial medication used for the prevention and treatment of malaria. It is

Lumerax 80 mg Tablet (Artemether 80mg/Lumefantrine 480mg)

Lumerax 80 mg Tablet Lumerax 80 tablet is an antimalarial medicine. It is used to treat malaria when other antimalarial

Lumerax 40 mg Tablet (Artemether 40mg/Lumefantrine 240mg)

Lumerax 40 mg Tablet Lumerax-40 Tablet is a combination medicine used to treat non-severe malaria when certain other antimalarial medications

Lumerax 20 mg Tablet (Artemether 20mg/Lumefantrine 120mg)

About Lumerax 20 mg Tablet LUMERAX 20MG DT TABLET belongs to the class of ‘anti-malarial drugs’, primarily used to treat

Larinate 100 Kit (Artesunate Sulfadoxine Pyrimethamine)

Larinate 100 Kit Larinate 100 Kit is used for Chloroquine resistant malaria, Severe quinine resistant malaria, Malaria, Disease caused by