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How to Choose a Sober Living Home: Tips for Making the Right Decision

If you’re just starting your sobriety journey, you may be wondering how to choose a sober living house. With so many options and no prior experience living at a transitional living house, it can seem almost impossible to choose. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, sober living homes may be an excellent option. Sober living homes have different programs like women’s recovery house or men’s recovery house. Many resources help you find a sober living home in Austin, TX, that meets your needs.

how to choose a sober living

Design for Recovery empowers men struggling with addiction by providing 24/7 support, mentorship, and teaches them how to live healthy, fulfilling lives. Helping a loved one battling addiction requires a compassionate and proactive approach, starting with understanding their needs and the triggers. Halfway houses, like other recovery and sober-living houses, are intended to gently reintroduce tenants back into society, free from the pressures and triggers of a potentially dangerous home environment. Bridgeway Sober Living offers pain management drug recovery to help avoid a relapse.

Treatment Programs

It was written based on peer-reviewed medical research, reviewed by medical and/or clinical experts, and provides objective information on the disease and treatment of addiction (substance use disorders). In addition to the rent, are you responsible for a share of the utilities, parking, or other fees? If so, find out what the general average cost of utilities is each month, so you have an accurate picture of what you will be required to pay. There is very little government assistance offered on finding a good sober living home.

But when considering some of the services offered, make sure they’re services that help support your sobriety. Part of living in recovery is “showing up for life,” meaning doing things for yourself that make you a successful, contributing member of society. When in active addiction, we tend to ignore the things that make us successful. So when getting back on our feet and in recovery, cooking and cleaning for ourselves is part of a healthy recovery plan.

Learn the Rules of the Sober Living House

Some great examples of a firm support system can be seen in policies that enforce regular drug testing or encouraging residents to attend 12-Step meetings – both of which can make or break your early recovery. The neighborhood where the sober living house is located is something 100 Most Inspiring Addiction Recovery Quotes to take into consideration, as well. No one in recovery needs to be living in an area where there are people hitting up outside your front door. The last thing you want to stress about is whether your living situation is going to jeopardize your physical safety.

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